1.     My child is fully registered (picture taken, weighed, paperwork submitted, etc.). Now what?

  • Teams are formed in July. In mid to late July, your child’s Head Coach will contact you to discuss the upcoming season and answer any questions you may have. Also, if you have any outstanding paperwork, you must turn it in no later than the first day of practice which typically falls on August 1st.

 2.     What does my child’s registration fee cover?

  • It covers the use of issued equipment and insurance for each participant. It also helps to cover expenses associated with field rentals, game officials, lights and other related expenditures for the purpose of the full season. Registration fees do not cover all association expenses. Consequently, each team is required to do fundraisers during the season and is encouraged to look for sponsors who are willing to make tax free donations. Each Head Coach will go over this information with their team.

 3.     What are the dates of the football/cheer season?

  • The first practice for both football and cheer start on August 1st (for most years), and usually end in November. Games begin in late August/early September.

 4.     Why does my child have to be at registration?

  • Every participant MUST be at registration with a parent or Legal Guardian. All children must weigh-in, have their photo taken and have all required documents verified by league officials. In addition, uniform size is typically determined at registration, so the league can plan accordingly for proper uniform count.

 5.     Can a friend or family member bring my child to registration?

  • Only a parent or legal guardian can register your child.

 6.     What should I bring to registration?

  • You will need to bring the following items:
    •   Child’s Birth Certificate
    •   Child’s Completed Physical Form (using Pop Warner Physical Form)
      • A Doctor will be on site at each registration to conduct physicals for $25.00 if needed.
  • Child’s most recent year Report Card that includes grades for ALL FOUR quarters. If you plan to register your child for early registration, you will be able to submit current report card to the team’s business manager no later than the first day of practice.
  • Each Football Player and/or Cheerleader must be present WITH their parent/guardian during registration.

 7.     Is online registration available?

  • Yes! This provides a quick and easy way to sign-up and pay the registration fee using your debit/credit card, or via PayPal. Please note: both the parent/guardian and the player MUST still attend one of the Walk-In Registrations to officially weigh-in, have their picture taken, and all required documents verified by Pop Warner officials.

8.     Why do you need my child’s report card?

  • Pop Warner is a strong believer in academic achievement. Children must show ability to maintain a passing grade point average in order to be eligible to play. In addition, Pop Warner recognizes academic excellence with our “Little Scholars” program, and the report card is necessary to determine eligibility.

 9.     Do we travel?

  • Each team will play at our home field for approximately half of the games. In addition, there will be some traveling to an away game at other association home fields.

10.    If my child is playing football, should they suit up in uniform and pads for the 1st practice? What should my child bring to the 1st practice?

  • Each child should wear a t-shirt, comfy shorts and cleats (or tennis shoes for cheer) to the 1st practice. The first week of practice is focused on conditioning, and Pop Warner requires every child to put in 10 hours of conditioning time before they are able to put any equipment on. Each child should bring water to every practice, however the coaching staff will supply replacement water for the kids. In addition, bug spray and sunblock is also recommended and should be applied prior to the start of each practice.

 11.     What if my child leaves the state for the summer to spend time with relatives or friends?

  • Our first two registrations are held during the school year. We highly encourage you to attend an early registration session to provide the necessary information if your child will be away during the summer.

 12.     Who referees the games?

  • Pop Warner uses only AIA certified referees.

 13.     What if there is a medical emergency?

  • Pop Warner has a certified trainer or EMT on site for all games, and has strict protocols for injuries and potential injuries. Once injured, a participant must be cleared by the trainer or medic before they can continue in the game.

 14.     When are the games?

  • Games are only played on Saturdays. The first game could be as early as 8am, and are scheduled according to division with younger divisions playing first. Plan on arriving 90 minutes prior to game time to warm up and go through team weigh in.

15.     Why do Cheerleaders need to be at registration?

  • All children are photographed and assigned a registration number that will register them with the league for insurance purposes and other administrative purposes. In addition, cheerleaders are fitted for their uniform during registration.

16.      Is equipment included in the registration fees, or are these additional fees?

  • Loaner equipment is provided in the cost of the registration fees. It is also the player’s AND Parent’s responsibility to ensure all borrowed equipment is returned upon completion of the season.  The league will provide the following equipment on loan during the season:
    • Helmet
    • Shoulder Pads
    • Game Jersey
    • Game Pants
    • Practice Jersey
    • 7 Piece pad set for pants

Players are responsible for the following:

    • Compression Shorts
    • Cleats
    • Practice Pants
    • Game Socks

 17.    What are the age and weight requirements, and how do the weight classes work?

  • Players are placed in divisions based on their age and weight with lighter players having the option to “play down” a level. This is referred to as “older lighter.” This is designed to ensure that smaller athletes are matched up against like competition and is done for both safety and competitiveness reasons. See the age/weight chart in the forms section of the web page for the specific age/weight chart.

 18.     I want all my kids on the same team. Can this be done?

  • This can only be done if their age/weights fall within the same team division guidelines. Go to the registration information page and look at the Age/Weight Chart to be sure. The age cutoff birthdate is July 31st.

19.     Can I sign my daughter up for cheer to be on the same team as my son?

  • This can only be done if their age/weights fall within the same team division guidelines. Go to the registration information page and look at the Age/Weight Chart to be sure. The age cutoff birthdate is July 31st.

 20.    If my kids are on different teams, would their game time and location   also be different?

  • We have many families with siblings in the program that are on different teams, and quite often end up going in different directions. You may have one child with a home game at 8am, and the other child with an away game at 8am. Parents are responsible for their children’s transportation to and from practices and games, and parent must be on time for both arrival and pick up.

 21.    Will my daughter only cheer at games, or are there any cheer competitions?

  • All cheer teams participate in the Arizona Pop Warner State Competition with the possibility to advance to Pop Warner Regional and National Competitions depending on placement at each event.

22.    Where are practices held, and at what time?

  • Practices will be held at Combs High School. For the first three weeks in August beginning on August 1st, practice times will be from Monday-Friday for 2 hours in the evening usually beginning at 6pm. Beginning the fourth week, practices then change to twice per week which can be either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday for two hours. Coaches also have the option of adding one film/chalk talk session during the week as well.